RAM had its beginning in 1976 as RAM Steel Erectors.  Today as Ram Industrial Construction, we offer a full, unique, range of construction services for industrial and commercial stakeholders.  Having worked on some of the most prestigious projects in Texas, we have gained a great understanding and unequaled expertise in delivering civil and industrial construction solutions throughout Texas. We continue to adapt and reinvent with the times, ensuring that our Clients are offered innovative services to the most demanding construction projects.  

RAM INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION has track record of completing projects on time and within budget. We take pride in our Company’s reputation, which is characterized by honestly and integrity. We value our customer’s opinions and input; we strive to make each project perfect for our clients. We place great emphasis on employee safety, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, project completeness, and project budgets.  Our approach is strictly client-focused – with a corporate commitment to excellence.

Mission Statement

Ram Industrial Construction provides quality services within budget for clients. We are committed to successfully completing projects on time with qualified personnel.


Ram Industrial Construction was started in 1976 by Jack Brumley Jr.   At its beginning, the company specialized in industrial civil construction and concrete work, gradually branching out in the eighties and nineties to high-rise commercial buildings, tilt wall warehousing and prefabricated metal buildings and overhead crane systems.   

As unique challenges have been encountered over the decades, RAM has emerged as a leader in the specialty of building modification and repair.    One example is a church burnout in Vidor, TX left the center 50% of the building ruined while the wings were still usable.  RAM helped the congregation maximize their insurance dollars by cutting out the center of the building and joining the intact wings into a new prefabricated structure, saving hundreds of thousands.  Another example is an industrial customer who was re-tooling a plant and needed an additional twenty feet of headroom in their building.  With seemingly no choice but to dismantle and rebuild they turned to Ram Industrial Construction who engineered a solution and was able to raise the roof of their existing building, saving over 50% of the project budget for the customer.

Statement of Qualifications

Experience Matters – RAMs’ management team represents and over one hundred combined years of experience in the construction industry.

RAM Industrial Construction is currently bonded and insured. They are capable of bonding projects up to 10 million aggregate. They are insured for per incident of 1 million and 2 million aggregate. 

Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

Project planning and consulting

Design-building contracting

Build-to-spec. contracting

Metal building design, manufacture and erection

Overhead crane systems

Civil Construction

Paving and roads

Metal roofing and re-roofing systems

Building additions and modifications

Site drainage design and implementation

Concrete slab and paving design and installation

Special projects

Management Team

Jack Brumley Jr.

Jack Brumley Jr., President,

Jack oversees all aspects of the company operations.  Jack began his career in the early 70s, as an ironworker.  He started Ram Industrial Construction in 1976.  Jack is an innovative and knowledgeable construction professional, and, as president of Ram Industrial Construction, has traveled extensively throughout Texas and beyond for numerous industrial construction projects.

Damien Okun

Damien Okun, Vice President of Operations

Damien has over 20 years of experience in the Petro Chemical Industry. He has been in management for 5+ years running turnarounds, capital projects, grassroots to repair and rebuild. He has experience in Piping, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, and Electrical Projects. He is also a certified combination welder, as well as, a NCCR Fabricator. He also has experience, planning scheduling, coordinating, and consulting.